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Video & Skype Interviews

Recruiters and Hiring Managers are embracing technology to enable them to interview candidates remotely, who are in the early stage screening process or are challenged by geographical location.

On Demand Video (Digital) Interview

  • An on demand interview is an interview you complete through an application at your convenience. You typically receive an email from the company you applied to with a set of instructions and a link to take the interview.
  • When you start the interview, you will have the option to take practice questions to become familiar with the system prior to answering your real interview questions.
  • Most interview questions will require a recorded video response. You may be asked to write an essay response or answer multiple choice or multiple selection questions.
  • On Demand interviews are set up and managed by the company you applied to. Just like a face to face or a phone interview, you will not know the questions until you start the interview.

Skype Interview

Unlike On Demand Video (Digital) Interviews, Skype interviews will involve communicating directly with an interviewer either by audio or audio and video. Skype interviews can be very useful to keep the interview process moving along where the candidates are geographically remote from the interview team or a hiring manager is travelling and not available for an initial face-face interview. Prior to the Skype interview, take the following steps.

  • Test your video and audio call before the interview.
  • Make sure that all of your equipment is working.
  • Choose a room or location where the lighting is adequate and the background is neutral if possible.
  • Position your camera to centre your image.
  • Dress professionally as if you were attending a face-face interview.

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